Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance will lead to improved performance, which will reduce the need for extensive and expensive repair work. In other words, maintenance rather than fix-it-when-it-fails.

Cement Lining (Steel Tanks)

Greatly extend the longevity of your steel tank by installing a Perm-O-Line cement lining that protects the steel shell and prevents further deterioration.


Conserve a tremendous amount of energy and minimize the risk of having your pipes freeze during the cold winter months.

Tank Heaters

Prevent the water in your tanks from freezing by installing electric heaters in your outdoor tanks. This is particularly important in your fire reserve tanks where the water does not circulate.

Heat Trace Cables

Counteract the effects of winter and prevent the consequences of frozen pipes by installing heat trace cables, in addition to insulation, on all outdoor piping.

NYC-Approved Water Meter for Sewer Credit

Stop paying a “sewer fee” for the water evaporated by your cooling tower. Save money by installing a meter that tracks the amount of water that would normally be sent down the drain, but is evaporated instead.

Building Systems Checklist – Water Tank Preventative Maintenance and Code Compliance

Stay up to code and ensure the reliable performance of your water tanks with preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled cleanings.

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Cooling Tower Checklist – Preventative Maintenance and Suggested Inspection Schedule

Regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance of all parts of the cooling towers and its system will provide dependable and efficient performance.

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