Building Codes are created, improved, and enforced for your health and safety.

Ensure the buildings you manage follow the City’s building codes to avoid fines and non-compliance. Click on the links below and contact us if you have questions.

NYC Department of Health – Drinking Water Tank Penalties

Effective March 2023, NYC Department of Health adopted proposed rules introducing new violations and increasing the fines related to Drinking Water Tanks.

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NYC Department of Health (Required Maintenance of Domestic Water Tanks)

All domestic water tanks must be inspected, cleaned, water sampled, and filed with the DOH at least once per calendar year. All work must be performed by a Licensed Master Plumber, Licensed Professional Engineer, or Architect Design Professional.

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NFPA 25 – Chapter (Required Maintenance of Fire Reserve Tanks)

All water storage tanks used for fire protection must be serviced every three (3) years, except those with corrosion protection (i.e. cement lining or epoxy coating), in which they must be serviced every five (5) years.

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NFPA 22 – Section 3-1.7 (Required Maintenance of Pressure Tanks)

All pressure tanks must be inspected at three-year intervals.

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NYC Department of Environmental Protection – Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention devices must be tested annually by a certified tester and signed by a Licensed Master Plumber.

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NFPA 25 – Chapter (Fire Pump Testing)

All fire pumps must be tested annually.

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NYC Department of Buildings (High-Water Level Alarms)

All roof tanks, whether used for drinking water or fire reserve, must be equipped with a high-water level alarm to prevent against the overflow of water.

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New Requirements for Buildings with Drinking Water Tanks (September 2019)

NYC Department of Health memo requiring that the vendor must file annually with the DOH, and that both the owner and vendor must maintain five (5) years of inspection results.

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Building Systems Checklist – Water Tank Preventative Maintenance and Code Compliance

Stay up to code and ensure the reliable performance of your water tanks with preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled cleanings.

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Cooling Tower Checklist – Preventative Maintenance and Suggested Inspection Schedule

Regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance of all parts of the cooling towers and its system will provide dependable and efficient performance.

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NYC Department of Health now offers an easy way to track if your domestic water tank is up to code. Check out the link below to see if you’re in compliance.

This is what happens when you don’t clean your water tank:

  • Substantial NYC Department of Health fines
  • Decreased quality of drinking water
  • Increased risk of Legionnaires’ disease
  • Growth of algae and bacteria
  • Accumulation of rust and sediment